Wednesday, 3 October 2012

No real surprises....

This blog is officially over.  I'm going to keep it online for my own records but no further updates will be made.  I'm starting fresh with a new blog name, a more open focussed blog, although I'm not sure I ever actually indicated what this space on the web was dedicated too.  Anyway, a new blog to come shortly once I finish tweaking it.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Nail It! - Olive

Admittedly, this mani is a couple of weeks old now, but I still like it for something different (for me, the boring office worker.)

I also did not realise until I was actually typing this post that the only pictures I got of this mani were on my iPhone (old 3G one) in my lunch break from work one day that week.  So photo's are even poorer quality than normal.

This is Nail It! from Sportsgirl in Olive with an accent nail of BYS - Urban Jungle. 2 coats of each.

This photo I did something with instagram with it - forget what though, but it shows up the gold shimmer really nicely in the photo, so an instagram image it is.

From memory the sports girl polish was excellent to work with, and I think I could have got away with one coat for both of them as well.

Excuse the nasty hands, we will just say my hand a knife got a little too friendly recently and you are seeing the after effects of said friendly knife and hand.

Sunday, 2 September 2012


Australis - Lip Butter

It looks like these little ones have had a price drop sometime recently.  When they first came out I am sure they were in the $6-8 price mark.  I noticed on Thursday at priceline that they had a new price sticker of $4.something and with the current 25% of Australis cosmetics at priceline (ends September 10), it comes down to $3.something.  

However, the actual reason for this spotted is Kmart has them on clearance for $3.  The reason why I added the priceline paragraph is you may just find it easier to go to Priceline as you will find some Kmarts have none left, others may only have a couple, others may have a lot.  My crystal ball doesn't quite work that well.

I have samples of two to show you.  One I brought when they were first released, and the other I picked up from this Kmart clearance.

Brownie Points

Ringa Rosy

While the hand swatch makes them look decently pigmented, they fade into nothing much on the lips.
The top lip has Brownie Points on it, while the bottom lip has Ringa Rosy.  Regardless of the lack of pigmentation I still like them.  Pop some lippy on top of the butter and you are good to go. :)

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Lust Have It! August 2012

It has been a while since I have done one of these Lust Have It posts, even though I did take pictures I just never got around to posting.  Might end up posting for the archives anyway.

They did have me scratching my head for a moment, as there was a typo on their product card.  One side of the card say's Bold and beautiful July lust haves.  Someone did a bit of an oops, probably should have taken a picture of it. *haha*

Anyway, for their first birthday they packaged it just like a present in a box with a bow around it.

The Package

All the goodies... (so to speak)

L-R: Marc Jacobs: DOT fragrance; Bed Head - Glaze Haze Smoothing Serum; Shiseido Lipstick; Pure Fiji Exotic Bath & Body Oil - Orange Blossom; Wet n Wild Nail Polish.
The blue thing in the front is a tanGo Tanning Glove

Really, only two of the items interest me.  I expected a little special package this month being their birthday but just like everyone else I was a little disappointed with this collection.  

tanGo Tanning Glove
What the card says... Fullsize RRP $29.95
The tanGO tan removal glove acts like elastic gently pulling the tanning pigment away from the skin without the use of any harsh exfoliants or chemicals. Also doubles up as a great make up remover just add water.

What I say...
This looks like a face washer. yes, a face washer.  You would think if they planned to call it a glove they would actually make it look like a glove.  It feels like one of those microfiber cleaning clothes.  Hmmm.... nice.  I don't see me using this, I'm not really a fake tanner, although I'm not happy with my ghost like appearance, I'm just not happy with my orange fake tan like appearance either, so I go ghostly.  It will make a nice cleaning cloth?  Might try it for make up removal...

Bed Head - Glaze Haze Smoothing Serum
What the card says... 50ml (although, I think it should say 500ml?) RRP $29.95
This semi-sweet smoothing hair serum works to smooth the hair cuticle and fight humidity.  Lightweight, Candy Fixations Glaze Haze Smoothing Serum reduces drying time and adds a high shine to any hair type.

What I say...
I have dead straight hair (and I really do mean that, I am a ghost with dead straight hair - go me!) that is inclined to get oily. Yep, I won't be touching this one.

Marc Jacobs: DOT Fragrance
What the card says...100ml RRP $160.00
DOT by Marc Jacobs the new lush floral fragrance captures a charming and upbeat spirit with timeless sophistication.  Fluttering sweet and fruity top notes of red berries that descent through a trail of jasmine and orange blossom, landing on a base of vanilla and musk.

What I say...
Much like a lot of things in Australia this is yet to be released, so I was super super happy to get this sample.  I love getting Marc Jacobs fragrance samples in these packs. :D

Pure Fiji Exotic Bath & Body Oil- Orange Blossom
What the card says... 236ml RRP $34.95
Nourishing blend of exotic nut extracts that will rapidly hydrate and condition your skin.  A balance blend of cold pressed VirginCoconut, Macadamia, Sikeci and Dilo nut oils form a unique bio-network that promotes cellular renewal for younger looking skin and a protection from environmental elements.

What I say...
I wasn't excited about this, even though I have been using one of their products recently that I got in another Lust Have It (and I quite like it so far).  I've used it twice anyway, and the jury is still out.  My skin does feel lovely and soft after I apply it but I cannot help but think that is just because the product seems to just sit on top of my skin rather than sink in.  Even when I get up in the morning it still feels like it is sitting on top of my skin, not as much as when I have just applied it but really... the next morning.  If you do not like highly scented products you won't like this as the scent is really strong, although I'm not sure it is really a strong orange scent, maybe a strong chemically enhanced orange scent.

Shiseido Lipstick
What the card says... 4.5g RRP $43.00
A new formula that provides true intense colour with all day hydration.  This ultra-smoothing formula blends effortlessly for a luxurious finish.

What I say...
I have never tried this brand before, but I just adore this sample lipstick.  As I'm not familiar with the brand I'm only guessing, but I think the shade I got is RS612.

I adore this, and my photo just cannot do it justice.  The RRP is more than I would ever pay for a lipstick, but... if this actually suits me when I wear it, do not be surprised if you see a full size in my collection one day.

Wet n Wild Nail Polish
What the card says... Fullsize RRP $14.95
A composition rich in colour: intense elegance, light pastel colours and tones scintillanti Vedrai the benefits of these enamels from the first application of colour. Ultra uniform coating with no trace of imperfection.

What I say...
Definietly the most disappointed with this product.  With USA written on the bottle, I'm only guessing this is the infamous Wet n Wild Walgreens type brand and Woe! is me.  This is the streakiest messiest piece of thing I have ever seen.  I'm not even sure where in Australia sells Wet N Wild as I have never seen it, but blah... definitely not worth the RRP $14.95.  Cannot believe they are pricing this inline with Revlon nail polish.  What is the world coming too?  At least Essence stayed in the ball park of cheap product.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Spotted is going to be my little posts of things (beauty things) that I spot around the place.  Sometimes the posts will be like this one, where I will have pictures of the items if I have brought them.  Others, it may just be a quick little post, picture free, from my iPhone.  We will just see what I do when the time comes.

Today's spotted comes from the joys of Coles.  I hardly ever notice the makeup products at Coles but after stumbling upon the Kink clearance (all stock mostly gone near me so I'm not including that in the post!) I have kept an eye open or two since then. :D

First up, we have two Covergirl natureluxe gloss balms.  The shades on clearance are 205 Tulip and 270 Spice.   Arm swatches below.

L-R: Tulip; Spice

While I am actually yet to try these on my lips, Tulip is not very pigmented.  The above swatch took multiple swipes to get that colour to show up.  It was virtually invisible on my arm prior to that.  These were $3.something.  Sadly, I have tossed away my docket and cannot remember the cents amount.

Next is Covergirl natureluxe mascara in 520 Very Black.  This was for the wonderful price of $3.20.

Finally, we have two Rimmel blushes in 001 Spring Flower & 003 Autumn Catwalk for $3.73.

003 Autumn Catwalk

001 Spring Flower

I am also yet to try these on my face, but these arm swatches are the gentlest touch of my finger into the blush as possible.  It was so gentle you cannot even tell by looking at the Blush that I have actually touched them.  Cannot wait to try these babies.

That is it for Todays spotted.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Illamasqua - Australia Fight For A Fair Beauty Price

I am back, with a shiny new laptop (first Apple non iPod or iPhone product - yippee!!) to boot.

Anyway, instead of getting ready this morning, I was surfing around online (& I still have not done what I actually came online to do) and stumbled upon this.

Illamasqua Australia Fight For A Fair Beauty Price
About the Campaign

In reality I am in two minds about it.  Firstly, I obviously do not see the need to really do a campaign. Regardless of what their page says, in reality I believe, if they really wanted to drop their prices they could.  Secondly, this is really an easy way of them getting some free PR as once you submit your petition, it lets you tweet, pin or Facebook it.

Having said all that, I would love to buy high end makeup but my budget is never going to go that far so if this is what it takes for a change to happen, then awesome.  Yes, I did sign the petition & now they do have all my personal details, but it was something I was willing to do in the hopes of seeing changes in prices in Australia.

At the end of the day, at the end of this petition, if the prices do drop in Australia, I will definitely give Illamasqua a try.  Cannot wait in actual fact.

So, if your willing to give a company all your details in the hope of seeing a change in Australian cosmetic pricing, then do what I did & go and sign the petition over here.

What a lovely way to return to blogging. :D

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Barbados Collection by Face of Australia - Part 1

I picked up some of the Face of Australia Barbados collection back in March when it was first released. I took these photos around the same time but never got around to posting them.  I picked up the rest a few weeks ago which is why this is part 1, part 2 will have the remainder (minus one of them, but I will get to that in part 2.)

L-R: I Like to Mauve It; Orange You Glad You Came?, Let's Go Scuba Diving, You Blue Me Away

All images are one coat and as they were so beautifully opaque in one coat I just had to try stamping with them as well.  I'm not sure if the stamping sucked because they just were not suitable for stamping or because I tried out some new image plates - which were beyond poor quality (even though I brought them based on seeing good work done with them, some of mine felt completely smooth.)

I Like to Mauve It

Orange You Glad You Came?
At the time I was doing these swatches I was actually playing catch up with my nail wheels and happened to put this bottle near my bottle of Rimmel - 053 Apricot Punch, and loved the look of the bottles together so I just had to try it on my wheels.

L-R:  Rimmel - 053 Apricot Punch with FOA - Orange You Glad You Came? on top of it, then the stamping attempt, then FOA - Orange You Glad You Came? by itself.

For references sake, an image with Rimmel - 053 Apricot Punch by itself as well.

I'm not a fan of the Rimmel by itself, however, with this FOA over the top of it I adore it. I will so be sporting this combination when I'm next on holidays from work.

Let's Go Scuba Diving

You Blue Me Away

The white that I did the stamping on is Revlon - 008 Powder Puff (Matte Suede)