Sunday, 6 March 2011

Nail Polish Haul

I went a little silly last weekend buying nail polish.  Then got lucky yesterday and found 5 of the new 6 colours from Ulta 3.  So as my first pot at TAW I figured I would do a nail polish haul picture.

From Left-to-Right:
  • Sally Hansen, Peach Daiquiri - I was excited by the colour in the bottle and went to put it on for this past week but it is an absolute nothing colourwise.  I will give it a try in layering at some stage but I was quite disappointed in this one.
  • Face of Australia, Ocean Villa - Truth be told I picked this up probably about a month ago now.  The blue colour caught my attention and I don't normally do bright type colours, let alone a bright blue & it was only $1.something anyway.
  •  Bourjois, 9 - I've never used Bourjois before, but this colour caught my eye and at $3.24 I could not help myself.  Put it on my toes last Saturday night and fell in love.
  • Bourjois, 7 - After loving 9 I went back the next day and picked up the last two colours they had
  • Bourjois,  2
  • b Collection by Bloom, Madrid
  • b Collection by Bloom, Munich

  • Rimmel, Sunrise
  • Australis, Emerald Star
  • Australis, Blossom
  • Australis, Clear Topaz
All the above were on clearance at on place or another.  The most expensive being the Bourjois at $3.24.

Now onto the Ulta 3.
Last Weekend: (My local had stocked up, and it was prior to having brought all the above, otherwise I doubt I would have brought them.

Then this weekend, 5 of the new colours:

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