Tuesday, 7 June 2011

NYX Haul - Part 1

A few weeks ago when their was the NYX 50% off sale, I went a little crazy and made two Cherry Culture orders full of Nix goodies.  The second order I put through arrived 2 or so weeks ago & I was certain my first order wasn't going to make it's way to me (nail polish) but it arrived on Friday at my neighbours house, silly postie.  Lucky we are friends with said neighbours.

Anyway, here is part one of my Nyx Haul Post, being the second order I put through, which happened to arrive first.  This order was full of lip items and some nailpolish.  The nailpolish in this order were mainly things my mother picked out for herself.

Onto the Photos - Lipsticks, Gloss & Nailpolish

7 lipsticks:

In order: Summer love, Louisiana, Iris, Cream, Circe, Frappucino, Thalia

Sheer gloss
Pink caramel
Hot coco

Mega Shine Lip Gloss
Sweet heart
True star

I did attempt to make some swatches of the lipgloss on my hand but I cannot get any good quality pics, so poor swatch pic is here

2 Lip Gloss Pallettes

The Naturals
The Nudes – Matte

Nail Polish

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