Monday, 4 July 2011

My First Konad attempt

This is what I was sporting on my nails for the best part of two weeks, a month or so ago now I guess.  The picture quality is petty poor so I wasn't actually going to post this, but thought it would be good to keep track of how I hopefully improve over time with konading

I started out with L.A. Girl - Rockstar nailpolish in Backstage.  My package of Konad supplies turned up a couple of days later, so I used konad special polish in White with image plate M50.

My pics are poor but Backstage is a stunning pink polish with really fine pink, purple, gold glitter.  When your eyes pick up some of that purple glitter it is <3 Unfortunately, I could not pick it up in the photos.

Pics after the jump...



  1. Looks great! I'm hanging for my plates to turn up! :)

  2. Thanks, so fun to play with. Funnily, I think my very first attempt was my best so far.