Sunday, 3 July 2011

NYX Haul - Part 2

So this is the first, but second to arrive, order I put through on CC during the 50% off NYX sale.  Full of nailpolish.  I am super glad this order showed up as there was so many pretties in that box, that it should almost be a crime to have so many pretties in one box.

I thought I was being clever and got all the polishes from the second package to arrive in one photo, until of course I realised I didn't at all. :)

I struggled to get both colour accuracy and the shimmer of these showing up in one pic, so I have 2 of 2 of these photos.

Pic 1
*With Flash*


*Without Flash*

Single 1 on the end: Deep Space
Top Row: Genesis, Sexy Plum, Muted Lavender, Collection Noir, Prismatic Gold, Abyss, Antique
Bottom Row: Cheeky Chic, Second Skin, Beige On Caffeine, Dreamy Glitter, Fairy Dust, Woman, Pretty

Pic 2

*Without Flash*

*With Flash*

Pure Red Pearl, Baby pink glitter, Shimmer, Sunshine Pink, Dynamic Glitter

Final Pic
With Flash

Smoldering & Maui Sunrise

I had already used these two in a mani, which is why they are seperate.  Smoldering works for konading quite well, but I forgot to take pics of my second konading attempt ever.

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