Monday, 29 August 2011

T.B.N - Aqua

A mani I sported for a week, a few weeks ago now.

I picked this polish up back in July at Chemist Warehouse for $1. 

So pretty in the bottle.


It turned out to be a bit of a nothing on it's own.  It was actually the process of swatching all my polish on nail wheels that made me put this on my nails quick smart.  I could not believe what this polish turned into over black.

Firstly, 2 coats by itself on my nail wheel.


Secondly my photo's do not do this one justice.  In the photo's it appears to have funny bumps and cracks/lines.  These were not visible away from the camera lens and sadly I had taken the polish off before I got around to viewing these on the pc.

I love the way the glitter shows in this polish.  If I stumble across it in the future I will pick up a backup bottle.

2 coats Dr Lewins Revitanail
1 coat of a black polish (For the life of me I cannot remember what I used)
x (1 or 2 - my memory fails after this length of time) coats of T.B.N - Aqua

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  1. I love this polish. It is very unique. Sometimes my camera picks up the craziest things too!