Saturday, 10 March 2012

March Lust Have It box

I've been subscribing to Lush Have It for quite a few months now, possibly since it started.  At the end of last year I thought I would continue with the first box for 2012 - in February, as they took a break in January. I figured I really didn't need all these products, and should probably save my $15 a month.  However, after the February box of awesome, I just could not cancel.  I figured I would see what March brought and once again, they have completely amazed me, and I just cannot cancel.

This month's box:

From left to right:- Kosmea: Replenishing Moisture Cream (20ml) - full size is 50ml with a RRP of $49.95. Davroe Moisture Senses Argan Oil (50ml) - 50ml has a RRP of $23.95.
The Dito Collection by Karpati nail polish. This one is in Stardust (8ml). RRP of $19.95
1Skin Solutions: Lip Balm in Vanila (5g). RRP of $9.90
Mirenesse: Pearl Crush Creasless Shadow. This one is 2. Keshi Pearls. RRP is $29.95

You are actually reading correctly, there is only one sample size product here. Remove the price of the Kosmea item and the value of this pack alone is $83.75.

First Impressions
  •  1Skin Solutions: Lip Balm in Vanila (5g). RRP of $9.90
As soon as I opened the box back in my car I put this straight on my lips (for a change my lips were product free at this time.)  I love this. Admittedly, Vanila is my favourite scent in the entire world so I am completely biased, but I love how the vanila scent lingers on my lips for a while after I apply.  Appears nice and moisturising. At the moment, I can see myself repurchasing this one.

  •  The Dito Collection by Karpati nail polish. This one is in Stardust (8ml). RRP of $19.95
I was intruged by this the moment I opened my box.

Such a nifty design. I have never seen anything like this before, and have to think this was made by a nailpolish lover.  I'm not sure I could imagine storing this in anything but the box it came it.  I had actually only painted my nails the day I picked my box up from the postoffice so I have barely used it with swatching it in my car on my mum's bare nail, and then swatched on my nail wheel & on top of one nail of my current mani today.  I cannot wait to use this for a full mani. Expect a seperate post on this at a later stage once I've used it in a mani. :) One little nail wheel swatch for teasers:

  • Mirenesse: Pearl Crush Creasless Shadow. This one is 2. Keshi Pearls. RRP is $29.95
 The Mirenesse shadow came in this gorgeous little black envelope *cough* Package junkie.  Once opened you were greeted with this gorgeous eyeshadow package and also a little slip of paper that told you how you could redeem a free Caviar Black tight Liner, which needless to say I have done.  I have only swatched these shadows on my arm, and the look lovely (I did not like my pics so no pics of the arm swatches.)  Cannot wait to try these out and lucky for me they are colours I normally gravitate too.

Close up of the Shadows:

I have not tried the other two products yet.

Note: This is the first time I have taken product shots using my new camera and my light box, so hopefully in time these pics will improve once I get the hang of it all.

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