Sunday, 15 April 2012

Book Review: Pet Rescue's Amazing Dog Stories

I finished reading this one a couple of weeks ago now & enjoyed it.  It was actually leant to my mother but I suspect my mother may have got a bit bothered by it (ie teary) and she leant it to me. The moment I handed it back to her she returned it to the person who leant it to her.

In short the book is made up of a lot of really short stories, most go for a page & I don't recal many going for more than 2.  If you love animals, you need to read this.  If you are the emotional type, you may want a tissue near you while reading.  I read it, like all other books, on my commute to work and in my lunch breaks, & it had me tearing up a couple of times - not a good look for public places, for those self concious (aka me!)

Stories of dogs saving people - from death and depression.  Stories of dogs saving other animals.  There is even a story about a dog from the Black Friday Victorian Bush Fires.  Stories of animals over coming their own traumas.  Animals and human's saving each other. Stories of how an animal can enrich your life and help people heal and over come life's toughest hurdles and journeys. 

Some of the stories brought back memories of pets I've had in the past - not only dogs, but even some of the stories reminded me of my past kitties.  Some of the stories warm your heart, some of the stories while I'm sure a precious to some did not really do much for me, and I considered more to be filler. However, I suspect this book is one where your own experiences with pets over the years will make different stories impact you differently than others. The story where the owner mentioned the moment they knew they had to get their dog put to sleep because it could no longer walk, had me fighting so very hard to not cry as I brought back the day with Glenny <3.

If it was not for the heart pulling in different stories I would say it is a light read.  By the time I finished reading the book, I was longing for another pet dog & even though it cannot be reality for me at present, I spent hours trawling Pet Rescue's website that night.  Even though, I believe all animals are special regardless of how they came into your life (Tori <3 ), I'm certain after reading this book that any future dogs I buy will be coming from a no kill animal shelter.  I have always been a fan of no kill shelters, even saying that if I was to ever win lotto, I would be moving to the country and starting a no kill shelter (and I really would - hello cat owner who once had 7 kitties because she could not let the council/pound kill two precious kitties <3.)  Me taking one precious off them, will potentially let them take another to find another forever home for, and I'm not sure if there is anything much better than that idea.  (I cannot help it my kitties will continue to come from the same places they always have!)

It got me back into my old thoughts of wanting to volunteer in shelters as well.  Sadly there is nothing available at present, but I will continue to watch and hope.

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